Basic FAQEdit

"What is a Visual Novel?"Edit

A visual novel is essentially an interactive story book. They cover a wide variety of genres and most have branching story-lines. Being a medium in Japan that's overwhelmingly marketed towards Japanese Otaku, a high school setting and segregated plotlines focusing on each of the game's different Heroines is very common. A Visual Novel with no branching plotlines or choices is known as a Kinetic Novel. To the Japanese, they have many monikers, such as adventure games, galge, eroge, and so on. It should be noted that the name Visual Novel is a western invention.

"Aren't these just Chinese porn games and masturbatory aids?"Edit

While a Japanese PC Visual Novel market thrives on what would be considered 18+ content, most games discussed here are ones that put telling a good story above all else, setting aside the "ero" content as a bonus (Or a cheap method to drive sales) and not so much the dominating focus of the game. There are also a number of titles that do not have any 18+ content at all, these are listed in VNDB with the tag "No Sexual Content" and on the chart with "No Erotic Content."

"What Visual Novel should I play first? What about after?"Edit

Head on over to the Recommendation Chart page and use the summaries and genre tags to see if you can find something to your liking. If the number of choices is overwhelming that's perfectly understandable. We've set up a Starter Visual Novel section for just this purpose, to narrow down the choices to just a few novels with a taste of each genre for you to pick from.

"How do I get started playing a Visual Novel?"Edit

Although the process for every game can vary, there's a general set of steps to follow. Head on over to the Basic Guide to Installation page for more information.