Welcome to the official Visual Novels General Recommendation Chart.

If you're new to Visual Novels, the games outlined in Green are "starter" Visual Novels, recommended for introducing yourself to the medium. They aren't required reading, but are meant to serve as a collection of good stories from a variety of genres that should be enjoyable to almost any reader. When you feel feel like branching out, browse through the games outlined in Blue and use the summaries and genre tags to see if you can find something to your liking.

Note: The chart's purpose is generally to spread awareness of games that put story first, not fap material or "nukige." There's more to English translated Visual Novels than what's on the chart, but many decent or even great titles have to be be excluded in order to keep the chart from becoming a clusterfuck. If you have further questions about game content or more detailed recommendations, consult VNDB or ask in the thread.

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